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Wedding Shoes as 'Something Old'

Wedding Shoes as Something Old PhotoKaren has had her mother's wedding shoes in her closet for the past 20 years hoping someday she would get married and would be able to wear them as her 'something old.' Her mother had given her the wedding shoes when Karen was only 10 years old knowing she would not survive her illness to see Karen get married.

Read Karen's wedding shoes story here.  Continue reading...


Blue Shoes for Sam (Our Dog!)

Have you ever had a dog that was obsessed with shoes? blue-shoes-sam-smallI’m not talking about a dog wearing shoes so he can start a fashion show, of course. I’m talking about a dog that won’t do anything without taking a pair of blue shoes with him wherever he goes.

Read more about Sam and his blue shoes here:  Continue reading...

Womens Shoes Around the World

womens-shoes-small“I’m going to let you in on a little secret,”  the man said. Carlos took a quick swig of his wine – probably twenty dollars’ worth – and leaned forward towards the man, who since they had shared a cell almost a decade ago now, had been more of a father to him than anyone else in his twenty six year long life. A father who occasionally beat him. Every sense focused greedily on what was going to come next.   And then the man spoke.

"Womens shoes."  Continue reading...


The Boat Shoes Adventure

Boat shoes?!boat-shoes-small

My heart jumped, my mind raced. I had no idea what boat shoes were, but to my five year old mind they sounded like the most amazing thing in the world.

Imagine…shoes that turned into boats, or maybe they were boats you could wear on your feet. Either way, I couldn’t wait to see them!   Continue reading...


Kids Shoes from Another Dimension

kids-shoes-smallBe careful if you find a pair of kids shoes like these in your attic.  You may go out of your mind.

Better hope you have someone around like Carolyn's husband, Ray, to bring you back to reality!

Continue reading...


Wholesale Womens Running Shoes

All day long, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, I spend my life womens-running-shoes-smallout on the road working to sell womens running shoes to every shoe store I can find in the country.

We’re talking wholesale here, of course.

No, I can't sell them wholesale to you, only to stores, but...   Continue reading...


Dance Shoes in the Dirty Snow

dance-shoes-smallOn her eighteenth birthday, Emily's parents gave her a new pair of dance shoes.

These dance shoes were the ones that were going to get Emily into college. They would be the shoes that got her the desperately needed scholarship it would take for her to attend a ‘good school.’

NYU was the top school on her list, and her audition was already scheduled to take place the next day.    Continue reading...

Platform Shoes Take You to New Heights!

Platform shoes. I had never heard of them, but my mom platform-shoes-smalltold me they were popular back in the 80s...

I’m seventeen years old, and probably fully grown, yet I only stand at 4’10” tall. Cute. Petite. Tiny. These are words I hear everyday, as people never seem run out of things to say about my height. Very tiring.

Could platform shoes be the answer to my 'problem'?   Continue reading...


The Silver Shoes of My Dreams

silver-shoes-smallHave I ever told you about the girl with the silver shoes?

She was at Lindsey's wedding reception at the hotel.

I had decided that it was too crowded to hang around by the bar, so I grabbed my drink and headed back to my assigned table.

And that's when I saw her. The most beautiful girl I had ever seen.    Continue reading...


Safety Shoes:  The Excavation

Things finally got interesting around ten. safety-shoes-smallThat was when the steam shovel struck something solid.

The steam shovel uncovered a little more of what appeared to be a fairly large item, blue in color. Now the safety shoe-clad construction workers turned into excited children anticipating a find as exciting as buried treasure.   Continue reading...


Gold Shoes from the Unwelcome Past

gold-shoes-smallThe gold shoes my Chinese grandmother gave me were the ones she wore to her wedding.

I took them home with me, back to San Francisco, because I didn't know how to tell her that I didn't really want them. I was ashamed to tell her that I didn't want this reminder of what she and my mother before her had had to go through.

Continue reading...


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