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Kids Shoes from Another Dimension

kids-shoesCarolyn Swan had never looked through all of the old cobweb-covered junk in the attic.  It had been left there by a previous owner a long time ago, and frankly, it creeped her out. Who knew what she might uncover? But now was the time.

Her husband Ray had said if she wanted to convert the attic into a guest bedroom, the first step would be to get rid of all the old junk.

So here she was in the attic, slowly making her way across the dusty wooden floor with a camping lantern in hand, fighting her way through strings of hanging cobwebs.

There was nothing else in the attic but this one stacked pile of junk.  She set the lantern down and looked the pile over.

At the front of the pile was an old trunk. She decided she may as well start with it.

She undid the latches and slowly raised the lid.  It opened easily, and for a moment she half expected something to come flying out at her.  She was sort of let down to find only some children's clothing, some toys, a pair of kids shoes, and some books inside.

She picked up an old baby book and when she opened it to check it out a yellowed newspaper clipping fell out. She unfolded it and brought it closer to the lantern and found that it was an obituary for an eight-year-old girl who had died mysteriously in 1946 – the paper said the girl's name was Tally James.

Carolyn felt a twinge of sadness for the girl, but the name didn’t mean anything to her. She put the baby book down and went back into the trunk.

This time she pulled out a cute pair of kids shoes. Girls shoes.  She wondered if they had belonged to Tally James.  As she examined the shoes she was amazed at what great condition they were in.  She felt an odd attachment to the shoes and found it hard to look away from them.

She was beginning to feel strange and just wanted to put the shoes down, but found she couldn’t let go of them.  Something was wrong! She tried to yell to her husband Ray, but found she no longer had control of her voice, either. She couldn’t do anything but stare at the kids shoes.  And as she sat there she noticed that the shoes were beginning to vibrate.  She wasn’t sure if her hands were shaking or if the shoes were vibrating on their own.  She thought she might be having a stroke.

Then she heard the faraway voice of a little girl.  She couldn’t tell where the voice was coming from or what it was saying, and so she tried to focus harder.  That’s when she realized that the voice was that of Tally James – and it was coming from HER mouth.

Still paralyzed, she listened as the little voice said, “Now it’s MY turn to play.”

There was nothing Carolyn could do.  It appeared that the spirit of little Tally James had taken over her body, and that the little girl had complete control over her every movement!

With Tally now in control, Carolyn watched as her left hand reached back into the trunk to pick up Macy, her doll baby.  Carolyn had never seen this doll before, but she was certain that Macy was her name.  Carolyn also felt a wave of happiness pass through her as she pulled Macy to her chest, her right hand still firmly holding onto the vibrating pair of kids shoes.  She hugged the doll hard for several minutes.

Right then Ray popped his head up into the attic and asked, “How’s it going up here?”

“I found Macy, and we want some ice cream,” said Tally.

Confused by Carolyn’s strange voice, Ray shined his flashlight on her and saw the strange look in her eyes and wondered why she was hugging a doll.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I found Macy and my shoes, and now I want ice cream,” said Tally.

“I don’t get it,” said Ray.

“I WANT ICE CREAM NOW!” Carolyn/Tally shouted.

“Are you okay? “  Ray asked.

Carolyn’s head slowly turned to look at him with her vacant eyes.  Then Carolyn with her strange voice answered, “We’re fine.  We just want some ice cream.”

Ray came closer, trying to get a better look at his wife.

“What kind of ice cream?” he asked while moving closer still.

“Vanilla,” she replied. “With chocolate and peanuts.”

“But Honey...You’re lactose intolerant,” he replied.  “And you’re allergic to peanuts.”

“I WANT ICE CREAM NOW!” Came the response.

Ray didn’t know what was happening, but without thinking about it he quickly reached out and slapped the doll and shoes out of Carolyn’s hands.

Carolyn immediately collapsed and began sobbing.

Ray fell to the floor to comfort his wife, asking,  “Baby, are you okay?”  “What’s going on?”

Carolyn found she had regained control of her body, and said, “I’m okay.  Everything is okay.  But don’t touch anything from that trunk!  Promise me you won’t touch anything from the trunk!”

Ray looked from Carolyn, to the trunk, to the doll, to the kids shoes and said, “I promise. I won’t touch anything.”

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