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Platform Shoes for New Heights

platform-shoes-1Platform shoes. I had never heard of them, but my mom told me they were popular back in the 80s.  I looked them up online and found out that they’ve had an ‘on-again, off-again’ status in the fashion industry, but that today women were enjoying them again in new designs and colors!

I began to get excited.  I’m seventeen years old, and probably fully grown, yet I only stand at 4’10” tall. Cute. Petite. Tiny. These are words I hear everyday, as people never seem run out of things to say about my height.  Very tiring.

So learning about platform shoes was great news to me!  Could shoes actually be the solution to my 'problem'!

I’m still in high school, but I have a part time job.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay much, and the pair of platform shoes I fell in love with at my local shoe store cost $180!

I wanted to buy them as soon as possible, so I began picking up extra hours at work, and saved every penny I could.

It seemed to take forever, but finally there I was at the shoe store holding the shoes in my hands.

The Strut

I arrived at the store right after school, and came prepared.  I was all dressed up, and even had my toenails done just to make sure they’d look nice for the open toe style. After putting on the shoes I did my Naomi Campbell ‘model’ walk! I stood erect, pouted my lips and started strutting! I kept saying “I OWN the world!” while strutting up and down the shoe aisle. I felt six feet tall!  And as I strutted I imagined how my life was going to change.  How the girls would envy me and how the guys would notice me! I eventually paid, and took my new shoes home.

The Challenge                         

Once home, I immediately put my new shoes on again.  But it wasn’t the same.  I mean, the strutting I’d done at the shoe store took place in open aisles, with no obstacles to deal with. But trying to walk around my house was different.  The shoes seemed bulky, and I constantly hit things. My brother even called me PackyDerm because he said I was stomping around like an elephant!

But there was no turning back.  I was going to learn how to party with those shoes or I’d die trying! So, I practiced every day until I’d believed I’d nailed it!

The Verdict

About a week after I’d bought the shoes my best friend Stacey announced that she was moving to Japan to teach English for two years.  Some of her friends and I decided we should give her a going away party. Yep, you got it, it was also going to be the 'coming out' party for my platform shoes!

Party Day

After three hours of primping, doing my make-up, putting on my dress and shoes, I was finally ready for the big day!  This would be the first day I’d worn the shoes in public.

I hurried out of the house and was getting into my old beater of a car when my shoe caught the edge of the driveway, and SNAP went my left ankle!  I was in so much pain that my Dad had to take me to the hospital. After x-rays and the exam the new verdict was in – I was going to be in a foot cast for the next six weeks!  My beloved platform shoes had caused me to fracture my ankle! My strutting days were over – at least for now!

It seemed that I was in that cast forever, but eventually my ankle healed without a hitch. The day they cut away my foot cast was the same day I gave away my $180 platform shoes. I didn’t want to ever go through that pain again just so I could look taller.

The moral of this story?  To all of you cute, but height impaired ladies (like me!) out there – be careful!  If you feel you MUST wear platform shoes, be sure you can maneuver them without causing a painful disaster.  Don't be a slave of fashion. And don’t worry about your height.  People will like you just the way you are. If they have a problem with your height, then that’s their problem! Height does not define who you are. It is and will always be just a number!

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