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Silver Shoes

The Silver Shoes of My Dreams

silver-shoes-1Have I ever told you about the girl with the silver shoes?

She was at Lindsey's wedding reception at the hotel.

I had decided that it was too crowded to hang around by the bar, so I grabbed my drink and headed back to my assigned table.

And that's when I saw her.  The most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

As she walked towards me I noticed I was holding my breath.  I was immediately drawn to two things; her beautiful smile and her silver shoes!

I'm not sure why the shoes caught my attention -- maybe it was the contrast between her dark hair, her little black dress, and the silver shoes. But I definitely liked everything I was seeing between that smile and those shoes!  Maybe that's how her outfit was designed to work.  It was definitely working on me!

Although everything else in the room seemed normal, it felt like she was walking towards me in slow motion. I couldn't help staring at her.  And by the time she had taken three more painfully slow steps towards me, I believe I had fallen in love.

But then karma (or something like it) changed our destiny.

All of a sudden one of the caterers near a table off to my right tripped and fell taking a tray of dirty dishes down with him.  The noise and commotion distracted me for just a second, but somehow during that brief moment the matrix collapsed, and as I turned back to continue watching the love of my life approach -- she had disappeared.

What the hell!

I jumped to my feet and quickly scanned the area, but I couldn't see her anywhere. It was bizarre! Where could she have gone so quickly?

Maybe I had imagined the whole thing. Yeah right, I was only on my second drink!

I had to find her, so I began a systematic search!

But, there were so many people in the room!  Most of them standing or sitting around in small groups talking with one another, the rest were moving around.  All of them oblivious to the disaster happening in my life.

I moved faster and searched harder -- giving up wasn't an option.

But I still couldn't find her.  The more I searched without finding her the more frantic I became, until eventually I ended up down on my hands and knees crawling around hoping to spot the silver shoes.

What else could I do?  I didn't know her name or anything else about her?

I asked everyone I bumped into if they'd seen her, but I couldn't offer much to help jog anyone's memory.

"Excuse me, have you seen a beautiful woman wearing a black dress and silver shoes here tonight?"  "Any idea who she is or where she might be?"

Most of the guests didn't even respond to my queries. They simply stared at me with their mouths hanging open.  I'm not even sure they understood what I was asking.

So I kept looking!  In fact, I continued searching until there was nowhere left to search.  Eventually the party wound down until there was no one left but me and the staff, who told me I had to leave.

And sadly, that's how it ended.

I'd love to tell that I finally found her again a week later, and that we lived happily ever after, but this all happened three years ago and I haven't seen the girl with the silver shoes since that night.

Except in my dreams.

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