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Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes as 'Something Old'

wedding-shoes-1Karen slipped the wedding shoes on again as she had every night for the past week. Her wedding was just a day away now, and she was ready.

She loved the way the shoes looked. And they fit perfectly. The shoes would not only be her footwear for the wedding, she was counting on them to be her 'something old', as they were given to her by her mother 20 years ago when Karen was only ten.

Because of a long-running illness, Karen’s mother knew that she would never make it to the day when Karen walked down the aisle to the man of her dreams. But she felt she could still be part of the occasion if Karen would wear the same special wedding shoes she had worn when she'd married Karen's father.

Karen took great care of the shoes over the years since her mother's passing. She even managed to keep them safe through several moves. She would bring them out every now and then and try them on -- dreaming about someday getting married. But for the most part, the shoes spent their time in Karen's closet in the company of her old coats and her suitcase.

For quite a while Karen thought the wedding shoes would probably remain in her closet for the rest of her life. And that they would eventually fall apart, dying a slow death, something like her mother had.

Now at the ripe old age of 30, she figured it was probably too late for her to meet someone and fall in love.

But then out of the blue, Dave came along.  Dave with the rusty Jeep, the patchy beard, and the dog with three legs. He’d shown up in her bakery one day to order cookies for a company meeting, telling her that it was his turn to bring treats for everyone.  He came back the next day to pick up the cookies and then came back every day the following week, too, until she knew the entire bizarre story of how his dog Rocket lost his leg, and she had finally given Dave her phone number (after making him ask three times).

A quick six months later, while the two of them ate a picnic lunch at the park, Dave nervously got down on one knee and proposed to Karen – suprising her with a beautiful ring he had tied to Rocket’s collar with a silver ribbon.

Karen was ecstatic, and accepted immediately. Tears came to her eyes as she hugged Dave and thought of her mother’s wedding shoes, and how happy her mother would be if she were still here.

And now, as Karen slipped the shoes off of her feet and put them back in the box, she felt as if her mother WERE with her, and Karen felt at peace.  Tomorrow was the big day – she’d finally wear the shoes in her wedding!

As she closed the box, she decided she was going to keep the wedding shoes forever, or at least until she could pass them (and the love behind them) to a daughter of her own.

Wedding Shoes Top Tips

The Designer Wedding Shoes Caper

Kimmie and Drew had been married for nearly two hours designer-wedding-shoes-caperwhen they robbed their first bank.

Kimmie had never fired, much less held a gun before, but that didn't stop her from toting that shotgun like a seasoned pro. She stood on the counter, still wearing her wedding dress and designer wedding shoes, brushing leftover bits of rice out of her hair.  She moved the shotgun like she knew what she was doing.

“Anybody makes a move they get plugged,” she said. She'd always wanted to say something like that in real life, and she found that all the hours she'd spent watching crime movies had finally come to good use.

She waved the shotgun around, scanning the crowd of frightened customers when she happened to look down and notice her designer wedding shoes. They made her smile. She then suddenly looked up and pointed the shotgun at a woman cowering with a small boy in her arms.

“You,” she said.

The woman stared at her in disbelief.

“Yes, you,” said Kimmie. “I got a question for you.” She raised her foot up and asked the woman, “How much do you think these designer wedding shoes cost?”

“I-I-I don’t know,” the woman stuttered.

“Well make a guess then!”

The woman managed, “I-I don’t understand.”

“The damn designer wedding shoes, lady. How much do you think they cost?"

At this Drew asked his wife to stop talking about her shoes. “This is no time for chit-chat, honey” he said. He then pointed his pistol at a small, nebbish man behind the counter. “I need the money from these drawers, Mister. Leave the bills on the bottom and don’t touch the damn dye packs... unless you wanna die today.”

Drew looked up at his new wife, who was pouting. “What's the matter, babe?” he asked.

“You don't like my shoes, do you?”

He grinned. “I love your shoes!  But if I hear the phrase 'designer wedding shoes' one more time I'm gonna scream. But yes, they look great!"

She smiled. “I love you, honey.”

“I love you, too, baby.”

She racked the shotgun and turned back towards the crowd. “Anybody tries to play hero today, they get shot dead. Simple as that.”

Drew watched his new wife happily, now knowing full well why he'd fallen in love with her.

The little bank employee man looked up at Drew, still frozen in place. Drew waved the .45 at him. “I'd get that money now if I were you, partner,” he said. “Unless you wanna wake up dead tomorrow, that is.”  The line was cheesy, but he still liked it nonetheless.  He glanced over at Kimmie who was nodding and smiling.

The man finally managed to stuff a bunch of cash into an old canvas bank bag then handed it over to Drew who said, “Thank you for your courteous service, sir.” He then turned back towards the customers again.

“Don't nobody hit the alarm,” the two lovebirds somehow said in unison.

They smiled at each other.

Drew jumped down from the counter and hurried over to take Kimmie's hand to help her down.  Then he leaned in and kissed her full on right there in front of all the customers.

Still holding hands, they ran for the door.  They last thing everyone saw were Kimmie's designer wedding shoes.

Wedding Shoes Poem

Wedding Shoes: Fun and Creative?

wedding-shoes-sneakersI love weddings!!

For some reason they really intrigue me. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had one.  But it seems for those involved it’s quite an overwhelming ordeal.  Maybe it's all worth it. Love conquers all, right?

I’m extremely appreciative to attend a wedding where something unique gets presented instead of just the traditional stuff. Have you ever attended a wedding that was worth recalling because something dandy stood out during the special day?

I remember a wedding that I went to a couple of years ago. Andrew, the groom, and Katie, the bride had made all of the mind-boggling preparations themselves. From choosing the location, hiring a florist, interviewing photographers, and tasting cakes!  Every little detail had to be decided all the way down to the wedding shoes.

It must be horrible to try to plan all of that out.

But back to my story.

What stood out to me in regards to this particular wedding was the decision they’d made about their wedding shoes. They had decided that they wanted ‘couple’ wedding shoes!

Nope, I’d never heard of that either!  But I guess some couples today have such a close relationship that they love to look the same wherever they go. I don’t really get it.  Maybe it’s a way of showing their affection for each other. And in normal, everyday life they do this by wearing matching items, like shirts or bracelets. But, kudos to Andrew and Katie as they had decided to carry this ‘tradition’ over to their wedding in the form of wedding shoes.

You wouldn’t believe how excited they were when they told me about this idea!  But, of course, my question to them was, “What type of wedding shoes can you both wear?”  Katie had already told me that she planned to wear a traditional gown.  And Andrew planned to wear a tux.

They said they hadn’t figured that out yet – but they would.

I asked if they thought Andrew would look better in white pumps or heels, or if Katie were going to wear a shiny pair of black oxfords.  They laughed and told me not to worry.

Everyone who knew Andrew and Katie knew about the wedding shoes idea, but no one had been told if a decision had been made or not.  We all made guesses, and thought about creating a betting pool – I told everyone I’m putting my money on them going barefoot.

But when Andrew and Katie would catch us at this game, they’d simply tell us, “You’re all just going to have to wait for the wedding!”

And then the wedding day finally came.  Everyone was excited. It was a warm, sunny day.  The air was clear and the outdoor location they’d chosen was beautiful.

Finally, after everyone was seated, the ceremony began.  Since Katie’s father had passed away years ago it had been decided that Andrew would walk Katie down the aisle himself – and what better way to show off their special ‘couple’ wedding shoes.

As the traditional wedding march played, the loving couple came around a perfectly trimmed hedge to make their grand entrance.  It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying the day.

And then suddenly we noticed their shoes!

Both bride and groom smiled, treasuring the reactions of their guests as everyone began laughing about their shoes.  They were both wearing light blue low-cut sneakers that had baby yellow shoelaces.  The exact color theme of their wedding!

The playful shoes looked super comfortable AND fulfilled Katie’s ‘something blue’ tradition that brides are supposed to wear.  Somehow it had all turned out perfectly!  Katie looked marvelous in her gorgeous wedding dress and low- cut sneakers, while Andrew looked stylish with his ensemble. It was a wonderful surprise!

The wedding and the reception transpired without a hitch. The guests enjoyed the feast and the dancing. People giggled every time they saw the newlyweds in their unique wedding shoes. They had everyone talking about the creative ideas they could come up with for their own weddings. Amazing!

Well, that was two years ago already, and it is still the one wedding I will never forget.  It was simple yet elegant, old yet new!  And now I agree that all weddings should have some sort of personal touch to make the day truly your own. It wouldn’t have to be anything expensive, just creative!

Anyway, I’m pretty creative if you’re looking for some ideas.  Oh, and did I mention I’m single?

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