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womens-shoesCarlos picked up his glass, swirling its ruby colored contents, and marveled at the rich fruit aroma that leapt into his misshapen nose. He had noticed the price when it had been ordered – over four hundred bucks a bottle. The first bottle had been swiftly sent back to the cellar, words of reproach ringing in the waiters’ ear, before bringing an identical bottle to the man sitting opposite him. He knew the whole performance had been for him, but he didn’t care. It made it even better, made the wine taste even richer.

“I’m going to let you in on a little secret,”  the man said.

Carlos took a quick swig of his wine – probably twenty dollars’ worth – and leaned forward towards the man, who since they had shared a cell almost a decade ago now, had been more of a father to him than anyone else in his twenty six year long life. A father who occasionally beat him. Every sense focused greedily on what was going to come next.   And then the man spoke.

“Womens shoes.”

The words hung there in the air, not exactly rejected by Carlos’ ears (they weren’t brave enough to do that), but they just weren’t welcomed with the open arms that had been waiting for them.  The man spoke again.

“Womens shoes.”

The two words pronounced as if they held the secret to life’s great mystery.

Carlos, for the first time since sitting down at the best table, at the most exclusive restaurant in the whole of Los Angeles felt a little discomfort. Should he nod sagely, or admit he had no idea what his mentor opposite him was talking about?  Before he had to decide, he was thrown a lifeline as the man spoke yet again.

“You’ve heard about the recent burglaries in Beverly Hills, New York, and Paris?”

Carlos nodded and picked up his wine again, suddenly intrigued once more.

From nowhere the waiter glided onto the scene, refilled the glasses and departed stage left.

Both men watched him leave before the older of the two pointed at himself with his short stubby fingers.

“You?….” Carlos quickly lowered his tone, the couple on the table to their left momentarily looking over before wisely becoming interested once more in their salads. “That was you?  But everyone says those were done by….”

“A woman?  Ha ha, all part of the plan, my friend.  No, the last time I checked…” his right hand reached down under the table, “I was all man.”  Still smiling, the man downed his wine and waved to the waiter who was about to pounce away.

“But the papers have even called her….”

“The Canary, I know, fantastic isn’t it? All I do is deck myself out with a pair of womens shoes, make sure I walk around a bit in the gardens by the windows, leave a few footprints inside, la-di-da, and bang, suddenly the whole police department is looking for a woman.”

“Womens shoes….” Carlos said the words quietly to himself, slowly shaking his head in amazement.  “But The Canary has gotten away with millions!”

“You mean I’ve gotten away with millions.  Hey, I always told you I was a genius didn’t I?”

The waiter appeared carrying their premium steaks. Once the plates had been delicately placed and re-positioned slightly, the two glasses were refilled and they were left alone again.

The smile refused to leave Carlos’ face. He eyed the meat, bleeding slightly onto the white porcelain and looked up with wonder into the eyes that bored into his from across the table. Lifting his glass the man made a toast, “To womens shoes.”

Carlos raised his glass, “To womens shoes…unbelievable.”


My Closet Full of Womens Shoes

I don't know what it is about womens shoes butwomens-shoes-2 I definitely have an interest in them.

Okay, more of an infatuation.

Most guys when looking at a woman for the first time check out her breasts or ass. Some guys claim it's the face they focus on, other's get more specific stating that it's a women's "eyes" or "mouth" or "hair" that either attract or repel them -- you know what I'm saying.  But for me it's always been the shoes.

I LOVE womens shoes!

I can't explain why.  And yes I've been attracted to several women I've seen walking barefoot on the beach.  But if I pick one up and ask her out for a drink and she "gets ready" by putting on a ratty old pair of flip-flops, I'll make up some excuse to get out of there fast!  No way anything is going to come of THAT relationship, so no use wasting any time on her!

I don't care what color a woman's skin is or how much money she makes, if she has the right shoes and her feet look good in those shoes, I'm interested!

There is definitely something special about womens shoes!

However, even finding a woman with great shoes doesn't always mean a successful relationship.  It's hard sometimes.  I guess relationships in general aren't all that easy to maintain, but for me it's probably even a little more difficult.  By that I mean, if I begin dating a woman with great shoes I have to be very careful to be sure I pay enough attention to her (the woman) so that she (and her shoes) will stick around!

If a woman senses I'm solely infatuated with her shoes, she'll ditch ME!

But even those who have left me don't always get away with their shoes.

I'll admit that I've had more than one relationship end with the woman leaving barefoot because her beautiful shoes were nowhere to be found at the time she decided to leave.  It usually seems that by the time our discussions of womens shoes goes from discussion to shouting match, the women are so upset that they no longer CARE about their shoes and are more interested in leaving quickly, so that they can slam the door behind them as they go!

But that's okay.

In most of these cases I'll find their beautiful shoes later on, hidden in the back of my closet.  (Yeah, I have a closet full of womens shoes!  Hee hee!)  And I've yet to have a woman come back asking for her shoes, nor have I ever been sued for reimbursement for a pair of shoes.

Besides, I'm sure I get more enjoyment from the shoes than THEY ever did!

Just thinking about my collection of womens shoes makes me feel good.  I love looking at the shoes, and carassing them, and even smelling them.  But no, I never wear them.

Come on, they're womens shoes!

You don't believe me?!  What do you think I am, some kind of psycho?!

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